The best innovation starts with the people who recognise the problems in practice

The unique characteristics of the Femiscope®



Due to the internal pivot point of the Femiscope® the procedure is unpainful and in addition makes it very efficient in obese patients



User Friendly

Easy to use by practitioners and assistants. The built-in lighting makes it easy to use outside of the doctor's office as well. In the clinic one desires a fully disposable without a handle, which comes in 2015



A disposable instrument guarantees the best hygiëne


Scientific research has shown that the Femiscope® is proven to be usable by females themselves (after instruction) to see their most fertile hours and thereby increase the chance to get pregnant.

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Patented worldwide by ComfortPat BV. More information is available from ComfortPat BV



The range of Femiscope® is continually being developed by ComfortPat BV. In 2015, the Femiscope® NG (Next Generation) will be introduced for the clinic